Karin Tampion (2005)

Barrister (Door Tenant)

Karin is an experienced family practitioner, dealing with all aspects of disputes that can occur within families. 



Practice Areas

Family Law, Equity & Trusts.


Karin’s practice covers all areas of family law:

  • private children proceedings; residence, contact, abduction
  • public children proceedings; care, adoption
  • financial remedies on divorce/separation
  • cohabitation;
  • injunctive relief; non-molestation and occupation orders
  • enforcement

She has a particular interest in international disputes and enforcement – for example, cases under the Maintenance Regulation in Europe

Equity & Trusts

Karin’s practice encompasses mainly property disputes – in particular beneficial interests in property.


Qualifications & Awards

  • BA (Hons)
  • MSc
  • PGDL (Commendation)
  • BVC
  • Public Access

Professional Memberships

  • Inner Temple
  • Family Law Bar Association