Public Access

Under the direct public access scheme individuals, businesses and organisations who do not qualify under the licensed access scheme are able to approach a barrister directly for expert advice, representation at court and the drafting of documents without the involvement of a solicitor in an appropriate case. Because you will not be paying for both a barrister and a solicitor, there are significant costs savings to be made and a barristers’ overheads are generally lower than that of a solicitor.

Other advantages include the transparency of fees. You will always be aware of the exact fees due in advance of any work being undertaken by the barrister.

However, under the direct public access scheme barristers are prohibited from:

  • Holding client monies. This means that a barrister cannot make or arrange the payment of court fees,  expert’s fees and other litigation expenses or hold money on account
  • Issuing court documents*
  • Instructing an expert on your behalf*
  • Corresponding on your behalf*
  • Collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses

* This exemption does not apply where a barrister is authorised to litigate.

Invictus Chambers is able to offer a number of qualified barristers across our areas of specialism who accept instructions via direct public access.

We aim to respond to all queries by no later than 2 working days.

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